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Industry:  Events & Tourism – Sports

Company size: 1-10 employees (Start-up Stage)

Industry: Events company specialising in sports specifically mountain biking events across East Coast Australia

Rocky Trail developed clarity, structure and alignment by initially re-visiting their business fundamentals including their vision, mission and values which allowed the organisation to develop clear business growth objectives, strategic initiatives and then a plan to deliver on their growth ambitions.


Founded in 2008, Rocky Train Entertainment is one of Australia’s biggest mountain biking events company that facilitates professionally run cycling events and series across the east coast of Australia.

Rocky Trail over the last few of years has had to work through a lot of external environment challenges which included a large increase in demand for their events with the boom of mountain biking followed by the pandemic which continued the demand for a sport that could be undertaken during the lock-downs plus the reduction in available skilled workforce.

These challenges put some competitor out of business whilst Rocky Trail continued to engage their target segments. This meant the company was in a very good position to leverage the positive brand position however the owners were unclear what the larger company could look like or how to best execute the strategy. This is when they engaged Orchard Coaching

Rocky Trail engaged with Orchard Coaching to:


To develop a growth plan that also created a sustainable and resilient organisation meant that the initial coaching phase was focused was on the key fundamentals of business: values, vision and mission of Rocky Trail.

Once they were validated or revised then the strategic initiatives along with the target key results along with KPI’s were designed.

Along the journey some coaching sessions focused on specific challenges faced which included HR and operational whilst also developing the owners in areas like Leadership and Systems Thinking.

Key fundamentals of Rocky Trail business

The RockyTrail engagement achieved

Clear and focused organisational Vision, Mission & Values which ensured alignment for all in the organisation plus focused external brand positioning and improved clarity on the target market/s.
Following the refreshed Vision and Values, strategic initiatives were clearly defined, prioritised and action plan developed which clearly showed how to bring the Vision to life.
Designing of the KPI’s along with the metrics for the grow strategic initiatives for Rocky Trail ensured there was a clear pathway to ensure the vision is bought to life and is in-line with the mission and values.

The first quarter engagement with BOOGroup was:

To develop all managers to be able to effectively manage their direct reports.

Coaching of the Management team to create the foundations for a high performing team.

The engagement was managed at the overall business level and also at each stream level to ensure each were working in their respective context and meeting of the coaching outcomes designed.

The BOOGroup engagement achieved

Skilled and engaged managers, who now all have consistent language, the knowledge of how to manage direct reports using coaching and day-to-day supervision plus how to develop an organisational structure. The concept of Ownership Thinking was introduced along with concepts of revenue groups.

Clarity on how the leadership structures should work including how the teams need work together plus how they need to interact.

Along with designing of the Leadership team, the team’s purpose and clearly understanding why it was in existence there were also collaboration to design the normative behaviors expected within the team.

Along with designing of the Leadership team, the team’s purpose and clearly understanding why it was in existence there were also collaboration to design the normative behaviors expected within the team.

Q: From a scale of 1 (unhelpful) to 10 (very helpful), rate how helpful the coaching was in accomplishing your goal?

9 /10

Q: From a scale of 1 (unlikely) to 10 (very likely), how likely would you recommend Orchard Coaching to others?

10 /10

Charlie is able to really understand the situation we are in and the complexities involved. There is a balance between community, family and employees that needs to be understood and he is able to understand it quite quickly and he doesn’t come with a preconceived idea of what the business is ‘meant’ to do.

Charlie is very good at triggering ideas, in us, that need to simmer for a while that then develop into larger concepts which he will always return to and flesh out. It seems he knows what is needed at the right time in the context we have.

We really enjoy working with Charlie, in fact we look forward to the sessions as we usually come out the other side invigorated with fresh drive. We therefore highly recommend Charlie and Orchard Coaching.
Martin Wisata
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