Executive Coaching Services

Charlie Winn takes the time to deeply understand your specific needs to refine and personally coach on the topics of leadership, confidence and skill development.

What to Expect from Charlie Winn’s Executive Coaching

Charlie’s Executive Coaching Program offers personalised one-to-one coaching designed to direct your agency business toward a model of sustainable growth and agility and in so doing, relieve the pressure and responsibility placed on your shoulders as a founder, executive and leader.

With sessions tailored to overcome the specific obstacles in your way, Charlie will be your trusted leadership coach and mentor, facilitating a transformative journey from the foundational principles of executive management toward embracing modern agile and efficient leadership practices that create sustainable growth in today’s business environment.

Charlie's Approach to Executive Coaching

As a commitment to personalised service, Charlie can work around your needs. He offers the choice of the following executive coaching options: Gold (weekly sessions), Silver (fortnightly sessions with accountability calls), or Bronze (monthly with fortnightly accountability calls).

These Executive Coaching sessions tackle vision and strategy development, goal setting, planning (including the steps toward achievement), managerial mentoring and training, and will culminate to establish a more cohesive and efficient working environment for you, your team and your business.

Expect ongoing executive support throughout this period as Charlie guides your agency toward sustainable growth.

Benefits of Charlie Winn’s Executive Coaching

Why Choose Charlie Winn as an Executive Coach?

With over 20 years of leading agencies in marketing and creative industries, and a further 10 years leading high-performance rugby teams to three international tournament wins, Charlie has proven himself as a hyper-successful leader.

This, combined with the fact that he is a certified Facilitator, Scaled Agile Coach, certified Rugby Coach and Management Consultant means he brings a unique blend of skills to your leadership workshops. Charlie is a natural coach and is known for developing agile and high-performing teams, making him the ideal choice for your offsite leadership workshop needs.

How Can Charlie Winn Help You?

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Let’s have an initial no-obligation chat to explore your situation and needs. Charlie will then explain how his Executive Coaching service can develop your career, your skills and your agency.

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