Public Speaking at Events

As a guest or keynote speaker, Charlie Winn speaks directly to businesses or groups of business leaders at events about what exceptional leadership looks like and how they can develop practical leadership skills for their roles.

What to Expect from Charlie Winn’s Leadership Presentations

As a public speaker, Charlie’s goal is to elevate your organisation’s leadership prowess with engaging and informative speaking sessions tailored to suit your agency’s specific pain points. Harnessing decades of leadership experience in business and sport, he will ignite insightful conversations with the audience about how they can proactively contribute to the organisation, drive growth in their role and implement positive change.

Charlie’s mission is to cultivate a purpose- driven, strength-based style of leadership within your organisation; one that is founded on values, skills and thinking. This extends beyond mere ideas and works to align multicultural teams or otherwise disjointed teams in pursuit of sustainable organisational success.

Charlie's Approach to Public Leadership Presentations

With over 30 years of experience leading agile business teams and sporting clubs, Charlie Winn offers a distinctive speaking approach that seamlessly integrates sports coaching techniques into the business world to foster performance and growth.

Whether it’s at a business conference or virtual meet-up, his Leadership Coach presentations ignite discussions on exceptional leadership, authenticity, and how we as individuals can inspire future leaders. With flexible durations, Charlie’s talks are designed to engage the audience with thoughtful rhetoric, calling upon them to not only think about management from a new perspective but also to adopt positive practical changes.

Benefits of Charlie Winn’s Event Presentations

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Why Choose Charlie Winn to Speak?

With over 20 years of leading agencies in marketing and creative industries, and a further 10 years leading high-performance rugby teams to three international tournament wins, Charlie has proven himself as a hyper-successful leader.

This, combined with the fact that he is a certified Facilitator, Scaled Agile Coach, certified Rugby Coach and Management Consultant means he brings a unique blend of skills to your leadership workshops. Charlie is a natural coach and is known for developing agile and high-performing teams, making him the ideal choice for your offsite leadership workshop needs.

How Can Charlie Winn Help You?

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