Leadership Launchpad

Charlie Winn helps agency owners and executives become more effective leaders with a unique and proven development process, called a Leadership Launchpad using the Leadership Circle Profile assessment tool.

What to Expect from Charlie Winn’s Leadership Launchpad

The Leadership Launchpad program is specifically designed for agency owners and executives looking to elevate their management skills, improve their effectiveness and witness improved business outcomes.

The four-step Leadership Circle Profile Assessment includes a unique 360-degree feedback process, personal leadership strengths discovery, and an individualised leadership strategy development session.

By the end, you will have a clear understanding of your personal strengths, how to use them practically and an actionable roadmap toward becoming an exceptional leader towards business success.

Charlie's Approach to Leadership Launchpad

Over approximately six weeks, this four-step professional leadership development program helps participants gain clarity on what actually makes an effective leader and how they can become a confident one themselves.

As a certified LCP practitioner and IECL-certified coach, Charlie Winn leverages a wealth of leadership coaching knowledge to facilitate transformative growth.

Charlie’s unique approach combines proven leadership development methodologies and practical insights from his own experience, ensuring you emerge from the program as a more effective and inspirational leader.

Benefits of Charlie Winn’s Leadership Launchpad

Why Choose Charlie Winn as a Business Leadership Coach?

With over 20 years of leading agencies in marketing and creative industries, and a further 10 years leading high-performance rugby teams to three international tournament wins, Charlie has proven himself as a hyper-successful leader.

This, combined with the fact that he is a certified Facilitator, Scaled Agile Coach, certified Rugby Coach and Management Consultant means he brings a unique blend of skills to your leadership workshops. Charlie is a natural coach and is known for developing agile and high-performing teams, making him the ideal choice for your offsite leadership workshop needs.

How Can Charlie Winn Help You?

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