Offsite Workshop Facilitation

Half-day workshops for groups of 8-30 business leaders to develop, expand and fine-tune their leadership skills and help improve management and collaboration within your agency.

What to Expect from Charlie Winn’s Leadership Workshops

Drawing upon 30 years of experience leading business teams and sports clubs and having coached and consulted with various leaders in either field, Charlie offers offsite workshops that are designed to demonstrate and impart the power of effective leadership.

Taking the time to step away from daily tasks and actively engage in professional development workshops is a smart way of determining a positive trajectory for your agency and managerial team. Expect to enjoy improved communication, collaboration, teamwork, and a clearer vision of your role in driving your organisation’s growth.

Charlie's Approach to Leadership Workshops

Orchard’s offsite workshops are tailored to the specific needs of groups of 8-30 participants.

They are not designed to be a one-size-fits-all or plug-and-play solution. Instead, Charlie will listen to the specific goals and pain points of your team and adapt the sessions accordingly.

These engaging, half-day sessions will focus not only on leadership awareness but also on skill development, walking your team through practical steps of improvement. Together, you’ll explore what exceptional leadership actually entails, its impact on organisations, and practical applications that drive sustainable success.

Benefits of Charlie Winn’s Leadership Coaching Workshops

Why Choose Charlie Winn as a Business Leadership Coach?

With over 20 years of leading agencies in marketing and creative industries, and a further 10 years leading high-performance rugby teams to three international tournament wins, Charlie has proven himself as a hyper-successful leader.

This, combined with the fact that he is a certified Facilitator, Scaled Agile Coach, certified Rugby Coach and Management Consultant means he brings a unique blend of skills to your leadership workshops. Charlie is a natural coach and is known for developing agile and high-performing teams, making him the ideal choice for your offsite leadership workshop needs.

How Can Charlie Winn Help You?

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