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What does a business coach do that I’m not doing already?

A business coach will help you implement a structure which will significantly improve the outcomes of your business by creating accountability, giving you concepts practical tools to answer questions like:

  • Do I have the right people in the correct seats?
  • Is everyone in my business on the same page?
  • How do I know that things are on track?

I use the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) framework plus my years of working in and leading businesses.

Is coaching worth the investment, how do I test the waters?

Easy, we have a chat and work out if coaching is worthwhile, and more importantly: how the coaching might work. So, it’s a free chat, and after that, you’ll be able to tell me if it’s worth the investment.

  • A recent survey published by the International Coach Federation (ICF) found that on average, those working with a coach grow their net income by 46%. In addition to this, the research discovered 62% of executives and entrepreneurs set better goals, 57% lowered their anxiety, and 52% felt more confident.
  • If you aren’t sure then firstly let’s have a 1-to-1 chat, which costs you nothing. We can agree to a fixed period or time with agreed goals so you can confirm the ROI for yourself. Working with a coach is however it works for you: I help your business, you’re not expected to accommodate mine.

Does a coach help me? Or does a coach help my business?

Both you and your business. You and your team know your business better than I can. My job is to help you and your team beyond, and in addition to the good work you’re already doing at the level that is most needed.

  • I will help both, however it will depend on where you need me to focus. Often I will work for about 2-3 months with you and only then, for us together, shift focus and energy to the wider business or leadership team.
  • I am able to work at the individual, team or business level, whichever is the space most needed now. I’ll also communicate early on if I feel you need additional expertise in a specific area of your business, team or personally.

My business is quite different and has a lot of industry context, how does that work with a coach?

The short answer is, it doesn’t matter. I’ll integrate my broad business experience and only mentor if my experience is relevant, but I don’t strictly need to know a single thing about your business or industry to make a big impact. This probably sounds odd, but that’s actually how a coach works best.

  • A business coach often brings industry expertise with them and can therefore mentor or consult within your industry. Most importantly, I work with you first and foremost, that’s one of the first things we clarify if we start working together is how much coaching vs mentoring I’ll expect to bring your context.
  • My industry experience and specialities include but not limited to:
    • Agency industry experience (20+ years)
    • Technology teams & operations (15+ years)
    • Leadership & leadership structures consulting (10+ years)
    • Medium sized business ownership & coaching (5+ years)
    • Manufacturing industry (5+ years)
    • Retail industry (5+ years)
    • Business Agility & Agile (5+ years consulting)

Carving out time for me or my team isn’t easy, do we have time for a coach, realistically?

Giving you back your time is one of the primary benefits of a coach. In the very short term, It’s your business and I work with what time you have available. No, there’s no painful inflexible meeting schedule you’re expected to adhere to.

  • I often start with agency owners to help them analyse how they work, where and when they focus in specific spaces and link that back to your business vision and personal goals (or assist to develop both of those if needed). Once this has started we will develop a way to carve out the time needed in your context.
  • I can repeat the above with a group or other Executives in your business
  • Furthermore, I will work in a flexible manner within the natural rhythms of your business, however I’ll also clearly communicate and demonstrate the value of working at a different pace than you suggest if that’s what I feel is best.
  • In short, I’ll work in a way that fits the time constraints of you and your business to get the outcomes you need.

I’m not a big corporate type business, is a coach going to work for me?

If you’re not a big corporate style structure, you’re likely very dynamic, flexible and responsive; sound familiar? You’ve got the opportunity to be far more productive than any corporate structure can be and that’s exactly what I am here to help you make the most of

  • Often coaches are even more effective in a non-corporate business. I will work to bring more clarity, structure and focus into the areas that your business needs now. I will also bring awareness to you and your business on what’s missing and l have the skills to work with whomever is needed to work with, or I will communicate early on that you might need another specialist.

What do I personally get out of engaging a coach?

Time, certainty, a confidant, support, skills, headspace; to name a few. First of all I’ll ask you: what do you want to get out of having a coach?

  • What most clients tell me they get out of my coaching is:
    • Me in your corner to offer headspace, time and bandwidth to do the things you often push off for later.
    • Improved clarity on what you and your business needs to do next
    • Increased confidence in your decisions
    • Improved productivity - due to accountability and structure when working with a coach.
  • Coaches can be engaged at different levels and you and your business will get different elements out of engaging the coach depending on the level:
    • Executive Coach (coaching individuals)
      • Clarity on your strengths and where plus what you may need to be more effective in your role.
      • Clear understanding of the best way you should engage with your employees, leadership team or key stakeholders (Board or investors).
      • Clarity on the obstacles in your way which could include personal skills required or additional resources or support
      • Accountability to execute what you’ve decided needs to be done.
    • Business Coach (coaching on the business)
      • Improved clarity on what their business’ vision
      • A clear understanding of how to bring that vision to life
      • Understanding of what are the key obstacles to bringing the vision to life
      • A prioritised list of what needs to be done
    • Leadership Team Coach
      • Understanding of why the team exists and what is expected of them
      • Measuring of the performance of the team against a proven framework
      • Development of structures for the team to develop within
      • Team leader understanding of their key role via individual coaching.

Is a coach just going to tell me what to do?

Absolutely not. I’m not you, I don’t know your business like you do and I can’t make your decisions for you. Think of it this way: you’re there for your team & your clients, but who's there for you?

  • No, a good coach will not directly tell you what to do. Coaches are there to work alongside you to facilitate, guide and provide options for you to consider. You will always be the one that decides what to do and this is how I will work with you. A coach is not just another employee, or resource, a coach is there to help you and your business, not just another person to ‘do the work’.

Is a coach going to help me increase revenue/ profit results?

Big time! Profitability is a fundamental purpose of any business and let’s not pretend otherwise. I’m not a direct salesperson, but every part of what we do will be focused on improving business fundamentals, of which, profit is always one

  • Yes absolutely, even if that isn’t your key goal when engaging a coach. I focus on creating a sustainable business which includes focusing on People, Planet and Profit. Profit can’t be an outcome if revenue isn’t generated. Profitability is also an essential ingredient in being a sustainable business, so it’s not only essential, but complimentary to being a sustainable business.

Can I get more time back? Is that by offloading work to a coach?

Yes, and this happens in a lot of ways. You can employ people to help you with tasks, but a coach is one of the only ways you can invest in supporting you in the areas that ‘only you’ can do

  • I will get your time back by assisting you to work smarter and develop leaders within your business who can do more of the work you’re currently doing plus increase the speed your business scales by.
  • I will coach and train/upskill yourself or your employees which is likely something you may have spent time doing, which is time I can take on for you.
  • I will not do any of your key operational work for you. If you need someone to do work related to your business then consider engaging a Consultant.
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