Leadership Team Coaching

Charlie Winn helps teams effectively fulfil their responsibilities to the organisation by removing performance obstacles and providing united clarity for better collaboration.

What to Expect from Charlie Winn’s Leadership Team Coaching Service

Many leadership teams lack certainty about their specific role and purpose which leads to inefficient processes and unfavourable outcomes.

By drawing upon decades of experience leading teams in both sports and business, Charlie approaches with a service-based focus to reconnect members with an overarching purpose that extends beyond routine duties.

With Charlie’s guidance and coaching, leadership teams will cultivate a discernible and efficient structure, balance their diverse skills strategically and align with a clear, shared purpose to ensure a cohesive and purpose-driven culture.

Charlie's Approach to Leadership Team Coaching

Charlie begins with an initial meeting with the key leader of the team, followed by meetings with the broader team to gain a thorough understanding of the mutual direction.

To provide greater clarity, the team will all undertake a diagnostic survey, assessing their collective performance according to a proven model of 6 Team Conditions that will be used as a quantifiable framework for improvement.

Regular whole-team coaching will then be provided to ensure structured progression toward high-performance leadership with the survey being used as an ongoing measure of success.

Benefits of Charlie Winn’s Leadership Team Coaching

Why Choose Charlie Winn to Coach Your Leadership Team

With over 20 years of leading agencies in marketing and creative industries, and a further 10 years leading high-performance rugby teams to three international tournament wins, Charlie has proven himself as a hyper-successful leader.

This, combined with the fact that he is a certified Facilitator, Scaled Agile Coach, certified Rugby Coach and Management Consultant means he brings a unique blend of skills to your leadership workshops. Charlie is a natural coach and is known for developing agile and high-performing teams, making him the ideal choice for your offsite leadership workshop needs.

How Can Charlie Winn Help You?

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