Do you know what is your Business’ Potential?

As a business or in life we grow and develop ourselves over time, sometimes quickly during a spurt or slower at other times. Do we know, without some guidance, how to improve ourselves or our business at the speed which is sustainable for ourselves, our clients and the planet? Also sometimes we don’t know what is possible or in other words what is your business’ potential?

Determining, thereby creating awareness of, where we, our team, division or organisation sit on the Performance Curve is a starting point to understand what is possible. We can benchmark where you or your business is and then design the steps we need to take to grow at the rate you need and in the right direction.

The Performance Curve developed by Sir John Whitmore of Performance Consultants International is a brilliant reference to ask yourself, as the owner or CEO of a small or medium sized business where are you on the Performance Curve? And maybe even more importantly “How can I shift my organisation to become Interdependent?”

The four stages in the Performance Curve are:

  1. Impulsive: a reactive, short-term “Whatever happens, happens” way of being (Impulsive)
  2. Dependent: “following the rules”, typified by command and control behaviours such as judgement and blame.
  3. Independent: which can be high-performing but carries the risk that it is too individualist.
  4. Interdependent: a collective mentality supported by emotionally intelligent leaders.

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