Announcing Gtmhub partnership – Assist the implementation of cascading, aligned & visible OKR’s

Many businesses’ nirvana is to have a flexible, visual and data driven solution so that employee’s OKR’s (Objectives & Key Results) cascade below the organisations strategic Objectives and be confident all are pushing in the same direction.

What about if:

  • Every employee could access a visual representation of cascading OKR’s, which shows how their effort is directly impacting the business objectives
  • Each employee could update automatically or manually their OKR’s as necessary in real time
  • Integrate data sources that can be used to highlight achievement or not of Key Results and thus Objectives?

Gtmhub can also:

  • Track your KPI’s
  • Manage OKR’s for teams not just individuals
  • Report in real-time on all areas

If you’re interested in understanding how this could look in your business, schedule a free consultation.

Download GTM Sales PDF

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