Article: What is driving the Coaching Boom?

Ever wondered why you keep hearing about coaching and what all the fuss is about?

This article in Business News outlines what it is about Coaching that is driving the huge demand for Business, Executive, Team, Career or Life Coaches.

Firstly the article defines what is a professional coach:

“an experienced trusted advisor who actively contributes to developing situational clarity, specific action steps, and accountability for measurable results.” A coach is there to help you succeed.

It then goes onto outlining the factors for the increasing appetite for coaches:

  1. That working professionals will take on multiple careers through their working lives and a broader desire for personal growth.
  2. The development of social media platforms; allowing coaching to enter the public consciousness
  3. That coaches focus on not only personal growth but also self-reflection and self-awareness which is a critical part of understanding learning gaps and ensuring skills agility for the future.

This partnership approach that coaches take with the individual or business, which focuses very much on the people, their desire to learn and grow whilst ensuring the practical action and accountability linked to the business needs, is driving this growth.

Read the full article on Business News.

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