Business Coach Vs Consultant? Which is for you?

To quote Chanel CumberbatchA coach is like a partner, while a consultant is more like an advisor.” This is something to keep in mind when you’re deciding where you should start your search for someone to help and guide you to make your business exceptional.

When you are doing your due diligence you need to have the conversation with the Business Coach or Consultant to define exactly what outcomes you and your business need. If you aren’t sure or aren’t aware what is possible, then they should assist you through that process so you have clearly defined the outcomes of the engagement.

If you aren’t sure then it is likely that you need a Business Coach more than a Consultant since the Business Coach is more likely to be able to be the one who will work directly with you to determine what you and/or your business need.

Therefore unless you are very clear on the exact business challenge you’re facing and you need an Adviser for that specific challenge then I recommend you find a Business Coach and possibly even better a Business Coach who has specific skills in the key area you’re been challenged by and they can provide a hybrid engagement.

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