Has your business’ leadership changed as your business grows?

It may come as no surprise that a business with 5 employees has to be led differently to a business with 350 employees. Not only is the complexity of the number of relationships vastly different but also the design of the business has a lot more clients plus usually a large variety of products and services all which needs leadership. Therefore the leadership model naturally has to adjust as a business grows. This model includes not just the ratio of the number of leaders but also the style and use of teams empowered to lead needs to change.

So if that is the case do you know whether your current leadership model is optimal for your business? Or are you ready for the next stage of your business evolution?

  • What are the signs a small business needs to create a management team?
  • When is the best time for a medium sized business to create and empower a Leadership Team to guide the management team?
  • How do you empower your management team and do they know what is expected of them by the CEO and the staff in their team?
  • Do your managers manage all four key areas of; themselves, their staff, the work and the workplace?

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