Book Review: ‘The Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries

This is the book that kicked me off on my next phase of learning. It is inspirational to people like me who had spent a lot of time in traditional universities or large corporations. This was an awakening, thankfully 7 years ago which has lead me to where I am today.

A few of the key messages in Eric’s book that have resonated with me to this day:

  • Just start, its doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact it won’t and shouldn’t be.
  • Create fast feedback loops from those using the product or services.
  • Create small batches
  • Introduced me to Lean and the Toyota Production System (TPS). This included concepts of genchi gembutsu (go and see).
  • The introduction to Lean then lead me to Agile, Scaled Agile and Business Agility.

I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough – it changed my life.

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